How to Grow your Business with Storytelling


Ever wondered what diamonds, superheroes and running shoes have in common?  

Does Aristotle hold the key to the fundamental elements of a great story?   


Was Shakespeare really a storytelling genius or simply a grand connoisseur of the human mind?  


These questions might sound random, but trust me -- their answers will forever change your storytelling skills, helping you convert your leads like never before!  

Stories are an important part of who we are and when it comes to business, they become essential to stand out, grow an audience and be an influencer within your niche. 


Selling through Stories - How to Grow your Business with Storytelling 

The 90-min FREE Live Webinar that will show you:

- Why storytelling is important and how you can implement it in your business
- The 3 key elements that make a high-converting story
- The basic storytelling structures you can use when creating stories for your audience 

Each of the available dates has limited spots to ensure every attendee can have their questions answered and get personal advice; this will help you to overcome your key challenges around storytelling and start shaping your high-converting stories as we speak. 


If you are ready to put your 'storyteller hat' on and grow your audience, wait no longer and sign up below. 





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Hi, I'm Rosie and I'll be your Host!

I'm Rosie Di Lecce and I've been a Persuasive Content Expert for the past 7 years. My current mission is to help business owners who want to grow their online presence and sell more through storytelling and emotional persuasive content. 

Throughout my career I have worked with brands such as Swarovski, Kawasaki and Heineken and since founding my business, Writing with Rosie, I have focused on supporting entrepreneurs and SMEs, so they could go from never posting and writing bad copy to posting daily and generating sales through emotive stories and resonating, high-quality content.

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